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    Väitöskirja: Play assessment for group settings : validating a measurement tool for assessment of children's play performance in the day-care context

    My overall aim in this research project was to conceptualize play performance as an observable occupation in order to validate a tool for measuring this. The outcome, the Play Assessment for Group Settings (PAGS), is intended for observation-based evaluation of the play performance of children in social settings (e.g. day-care) (Lautamo, Kottorp, & Salminen, 2005).

    My long-term goal was to contribute to knowledge on the play performance of children with mild disabilities, as such children often experience difficulties in their peer relations and play performance in day-care settings.

    The aim was to construct a valid and reliable tool for use as a true top-down approach to identify children in need of support or therapeutic interventions for optimal participation.

    The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the validity and reliability of the PAGS measures and scale in order to gather evidence related to the usefulness of PAGS in practice.

    Read the full article: https://jyx.jyu.fi/handle/123456789/40444

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