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    Our mission is to help all adults working with children and young people to support children and young people to achieve their own goals and to learn the skills needed in life.

    We offer RALLA online courses designed to serve both professionals and parents and guardians of children.

    These interactive online courses will take you into a child’s world. The competence goals are to find new approaches to support the child's positive development and learning. In our courses you will find information related to positive pedagogy and skills support as well as bullying prevention. Through your own reflection, you will learn to create learning places and environments that individually support your child.

    You complete the online course independently by reading and doing reflection assignments and getting to know the thoughts of your fellow learners on the issues raised by the topics. The workload of online courses varies from 1 to 2 credits (27 to 54 hours of student work). The workload varies depending on how you spend time on your own reflection and applying what you learn in your work. At the end of the study, you will receive a certificate from the course.


    NOTE. After purchasing an online course from our online store, you will receive a link to your email to sign up for the online course!

    You have three months to complete the online course after starting the course. You can complete all our courses according to your own schedule.

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