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    E-learning: Powering up children's creativity
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    E-learning: Powering up children's creativity

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    This course is taught in English and it is designed to: 

    • Support teachers, instructors, mentors, and anyone who works with children 
    • Provide confidence and skills to identify creativity, and encourage and nurture it in children 
    • Provide insights from an artist’s perspective, on creativity and setting up a creative learning environment 
    • Suggest some ways to role model creative behaviors that can be incorporated into learning across the curriculum and other activities or pastimes. 
      Learners in this course should feel empowered to test these learnings in practice - whether in teaching a class, facilitating group activities, or assisting children to put their ideas into action, express themselves, and explore learning through creative thinking and inquiry. 

      In this course, Naomi will share with you the way she goes about supporting teachers and students to be creative.

      As Naomi reflects: "As an arts educator, I am not prescriptive, I see my role as the ‘guide on the side.’ I offer students a range of options and encourage them to take charge of their education. I encourage learners to:  

      • observe their surroundings,  learn and apply skills across other learning areas, in an authentic transdisciplinary way.  
      • develop their own interpretations,  
      • develop ideas, and put those ideas into action, and have the confidence to test their ideas regardless of the outcomes,  
      • use failure positively, as a springboard, a learning opportunity,   
      • work together and express themselves confidently and share ideas,
      I hope you will be able to develop methods and techniques that you can apply to your teaching and learning after this course. "

      This course has been produced by

      Naomi Zouwer, an artist and arts educator based in Canberra, Australia. As well as being a practicing artist, she works as an artist in a school where she collaborates with teachers and students to be creative. 

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