Early education professionals

The RALLA service brings reliability and a systematic approach to your observations of a child’s daily play and participation in group activities.

A child’s personal early education plan requires information about the child’s interests, skills and any challenges for learning.

From free observation to systematic assessment

In practice, the information recorded in the early education plan is generally based on free observations made in everyday situations, often random and dependent on the observer. Assessment must not be haphazardly done, however. The use of systematic and researched assessment methods and the systematic analysis of data brings reliability, uniformity and equality to the assessment and support of a child’s skills.

Day-care centre as a child’s everyday arena

As an early education professional, you work in children’s everyday life and spend a large part of their daily waking hours with them. You have a front-row seat for observing children’s strengths and possible need for support. Through observation and systematic assessment of play and friendship skills, you can plan and implement goal-oriented educational work. Reliable assessment helps you bring up any difficulties that a child might have and introduce them into the discussion, and set more specific goals for growth and learning in cooperation with parents.

The RALLA service provides reliable and researched tools for the work of all early education professionals.

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