e-Book, RALLA, Play Skills and Peer Interaction Skills The Observation Based Assessment Tools

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The RALLA Observation of Children’s Play and Peer Interaction Skills Handbook takes its reader into the world of observing children’s participation and skills. The book introduces the theoretical background of observing play and peer interaction skills and the requirements of reliable observation. The handbook serves as a practical guide, introducing readers to the RALLA observation methods, including the forms and instructions.


This book provides reliable,research based observation methods for identifying strengths and potential challenges in child’s play skills and peer skills. The RALLA observation methods have been designed as tools for rehabilitation professionals and early childhood education teachers. The tools help to focus on supporting the individual strengths of a child and preventing and overcoming potential challenges. By supporting the child’s skill learning you enable his/her participation and inclusion in a peer group.

The experts of RALLA Tiina Lautamo and Vilja Laaksonen both set out independently research goals to find solutions how to assess participation skills of the children. Tiina approached it by studying children’s play skills and how they are learned, and Vilja by examining the identification of children’s peer interaction skills and the prevention of bullying. Both research journeys produced a concrete tool to identify the strengths and challenges of a child, to provide support, and to prevent potential friendship problems. The play skill assessment has originally published named The Play Assessment in Group Settings, PAGS.

This handbook introduces you to the use of the RALLA assessment tools.

You can also use the RALLA application, which is available online and as a mobile application.