The RALLA product family, electronic tools and training contents are based on two doctoral theses. They have been developed over the past 10 years in cooperation with education and rehabilitation professionals.

The changing operating environment of early education requires tools that support the competence and growth objectives of a child and group and also make the daily paperwork of professionals easier. RALLA’s Peer Interaction Skills and Play Skills Observation Tools™ provide a researched and reliable method for drawing up growth goals for children.

We offer expert support with recognising children’s individual strengths and drawing up early education and rehabilitation plans by providing electronic tools for the use of day care and rehabilitation professionals.

RALLA’s Peer Interaction Skills and Play Skills Observation Tools™ have been developed to promote the positive development of individual children and groups of children. The aim is that the practical tips and understanding gained from the tools will offer professionals research-based information and practical tips for everyday educational work. That is how RALLA helps strengthen the positive atmosphere in a group and prevents bullying and social exclusion.

The tools are intended for the individual assessment of the need for support as well as for planning the activities of groups of children. The development of play and friendship skills thus improves the activities of the entire group. RALLA also offers tools and a common language for professionals working with children who need special support. Thanks to the assessment founded on each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, children who need early and special support can be reached more systematically.

Rooting new tools into practice may require a new kind of competence. We provide various training and coaching packages on using the tools as well as consulting services. Read more about our services or ask for more information.

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