The RALLA service provides tools for the assessment of peer interaction and play skills and for supporting them in a goal-oriented manner in a group of children. Our training and coaching products offer expertise for personnel development.

The changing operating environment of early education requires tools that support the competence and growth objectives of the child and group of children as well as enable a systematic and goal-oriented approach in the daily work of professionals. Correctly targeted early and special support is made possible by reliable assessment. Research has demonstrated that up to 10% of an age group need special support with their development. Social exclusion can start as early as day care. Each child or teenager suffering from social exclusion will cost society approximately EUR 1.2 million throughout their life.

Need for early support must always be determined

Correctly focused and successful early support can prevent most of the development leading to social exclusion. Contributing to the optimal development of children’s everyday skills and the building of a strong active identity is one of the most effective approaches, in addition to supporting families. Supporting play facilitates the optimal development of skills and participation in the early education group.

Good rehabilitation takes place in the child’s daily life

Children who have difficulties in activities may also need the help of an expert to support their development (various development-supporting therapies), but that alone is not enough. The best rehabilitation takes place in children’s daily life where they operate every day. A strong pedagogical competence and good, reliable tools in early education ensure high-quality impact in everyday life close to the child.

The comprehensive electronic tools, training packages and customised training groups of the RALLA service strengthen and develop the pedagogical competence of early education professionals and support their daily work.

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