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    RALLA has its origins in the growth and development of children related needs and challenges. Everyday experts work the aim is to ensure the well-being and balanced development of the child together with the child and the parent.

    The problem is that everyday observations about the strengths and challenges of the child and the group is made often by recording random remarks. At the same time, experts need more information and practical tools to help them solve the challenges that arise in everyday life.

    RALLAn experts, PhD Tiina Lautamo, PhD Vilja Laaksonen and PhD Tiina Lämsä produced three multidisciplinary dissertations that delved into childhood, play and friend skills, and bullying prevention. RALLAn the aim is to bring this research data to the attention of everyday experts. 

    More than ten years development workafter RALLA wants to help adults working with children and young people succeed in their education and training goals. The work is driven by a strong belief that investing in the safe development of children and young people is the best investment for a sustainable future.





    “Skills can always be learned. That is why positive experiences in childhood that seem small can bring about big things in the future. ”

    With friends, the child enters a world where the rules of play are negotiated together, new experiences are shared, fueled by stories, and friendships are established. Thus, children need different interaction skills with their peers. Communication has tremendous power in the interactions between both children and our adults, as everything important in life is ultimately crystallized in the interaction.

    I have a solid research and education background. In my dissertation, I study children’s peer relationships and bullying in a preschool peer group - developing peer skills supports tackling bullying before school age.

    At RALLA, I worked as a communications and business director and an expert in bullying prevention and child relationships.

    Training: PhD, YTM, pedagogical qualification

    #friendship skills, #peer skills, #group activities, #interaction, #early education, #education

    VIlja Laaksonen

    Phone: +358503472299
    Email: vilja.laaksonen@ralla.fi
    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/vilja-laaksonen-1b733b67
    Twitter: @ViljaLaaksonen




    TIINA FERRY Tiina Lautamo

    “Play is the most important thing in the world and the best arena for joint activities for children and parents” 

    Continuous learning has guided my path as an occupational therapist and researcher. Rin my role as a teacher, I have trained future rehabilitation experts especially helping them to conceptualize what they have learnedTin my night as an occupational therapist I got excited once to consider the importance of play as a basic starting point for a child's learning and a place for participation. Lunprecedentedness, relevance, and commitment activities guide a person’s learning throughout life. I am action science expert, but also a mother of five and a grandmother for seven grandchildren. Children hold me in practical life, and I think good research is always applicable for the benefit of practical work. 

    As a supporter, I have strayed deepäto the fascinating world of play. The diversity of play challenges the researcher in many ways. As a theoretical thinker, my starting point has been to define play as an activity and an arena for learning. 

    In my dissertation research, I built a method for observing play skills and validating it by collecting data on the activities of a wide range of players. I named the tool I developed RALLY:ksi

    Now there is much more to RALL. It is a company and a service concept that aims to produce and apply researched and reliable tools for early childhood education and rehabilitation ammfor the use of the Attila.  

    In the RALLA team, I worked as a customer and sales director and as an expert in play pedagogy and rehabilitation.

    Training: Doctor of Philosophy (early childhood education)Licentiate of Health Sciences, Occupational therapist pedagogue. 

    #Play skills, #I worktaacquirements, #judgment, #occupational therapy, #early childhood education, #children 

    Tiina Lautamo







    Children know how to tell a lot about their daily lives, well-being and learning when asked the right questions with the right tools. ” 

    My passion is to combine practical activities and research. Over the years, I am delighted to have been involved in a complex debate on early childhood education. RALLAN's in addition, as a childhood and cultural researcher, as the pedagogical director of the early childhood education group, and as an entrepreneur and CEO of the art kindergartens I founded.  

    The idea of setting up their own kindergarten was ignited by the fact that the children had disappeared from the cityscape and the service provision in the center was mainly aimed at adults. We decided to take the urban space back to childhood and creativity.  

    The fire to make children's voices heard is still involved. At RALLA, we offer support for the daily education and training work from the researched tools. Children's self-assessment and the mapping of children's customer satisfaction are of interest to both domestic and international actors in the changing field of education. I also work at RALLA inspired by childhood and creativity! 

    In my dissertation found that a diary used for systematic observation of children’s daily lives motivates adults to pay attention to children and everyday interactions with children. It turned out that the diary has several application possibilities also as a pedagogical tool for ERP and evaluation. Therefore, I also started to develop a digital mobile-based visual survey method for researching children's own experiences as part of a research group funded by the Academy of Finland. 

    In the RALLA team, I work as a creative director and an expert in children's customer experiences and early childhood education.

    Training: Doctor of Education and teacher of early childhood education 

    #observation, #self-assessment, #early education, #pedagogy, #educational management, #visual childhood research, #media research, #innovation, #inclusion, # sustainable learning  

    Tiina Lämsä


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